About Smart Mobility

Living, working, doing business and staying in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) holds a high degree of appeal. As one of Europe’s most important economic areas (top 5), the number of residents and activities continues to grow. This growth places ever-higher demands on the accessibility, liveability and sustainability of the metropolis. Smart mobility solutions help move people and goods faster, cleaner and easier through the increasingly busier AMA. This applies to the entire region, from bustling old city centres to rural areas.

Results on the street
The public-private AMA Smart Mobility programme connects the numerous smart mobility initiatives in the area. The programme helps us accelerate (the roll-out of) promising innovative mobility solutions through partnerships between government, business and knowledge institutes. We create conditions that will enable innovations to result in applications and embedding. We also take on barriers to data, for example, and the changing division of roles and new forms of cooperation and partnerships. Together, we make smart mobility in the AMA business as usual, the goal of which is to produce results on the street.

Ambitions Smart Mobility programme

  • The user at centre stage
  • Smart Mobility is business as usual
  • Accessible and attractive cities
  • Adequate connections between urban and rural areas
  • Improved traffic safety
  • Innovative business development climate for the mobility sector
  • Sustainable and clean living environment

Theme-based approach

The programme works on the basis of four themes. These themes work towards achieving concrete goals through maps and milestones. These routes are flexible, able to adapt to technological and social developments.

  • Data
  • Physical and digital infrastructure
  • Vehicle technology
  • Mobility as a Service